11 January 2011

A penciled page

This last week I've had one of those stiff necks where you can't turn your head. It was probably a combination of being stupid at the gym, and sleeping wrongly. It's only in the last day that I've been able to actually sit down with a pencil without screaming in pain.

I penciled this page today during my lunch break at work.

... Now to ink it.



Paul said...

Jesus mate, sounds like you really did a number on your poor bloody neck. Did you see someone or just be a typical bloke and ride it out...?

Bobby.N said...

If my back didn't improve this week (which is has), then I would have seen someone. Have wasted my time with doctors too many times in the past, only to have them tell me the common-sense of what I'd already known. Pain-killers and rest.

The reason it had gotten so bad was that I'd gone to bed with the painful strain, slept incorrectly, and upon waking up, forgot about the injury, and promptly got out of bed in a quick 'sit-up' style movement where i felt all the muscles down the centre of my back crackle like fireworks and proceeded to screamed like Schwarzenegger in Predator.

I'd never felt such pain in my life. I was drenched in sweat from the pain and shock, and I couldn't move my head 2 degrees either way or lift my arms above my shoulders without feeling a knife in my back. Scary stuff.

Anyway, almost 100% now. Back to my normal gym routine as of 3-4 days ago, and did my first heavy back workout 2 nights ago.

So, yes... have been a typical male. :)


Ms. Code said...

when you hurt your back did you lay back down or at least say " I'll be back " like arny did so often? :)

Bobby.N said...

"I'll be back" takes balls to say. I didn't have mine back until almost the end of the day, let alone the courage to try and lie down :)