03 November 2010


Starting to plan the next issue of DIGESTED, so it's time to crank the mental handle of that music box the monkey hits his cymbals to... but in the meantime, there's no better meditation than scribbling in my sketchbook.

Then I pick out some of the sketches that I think might look good as stand-alone illustrations. I scan the page, then blow up the selected shots slightly to sit in the middle of the page. I then lightly trace it with my trusty blue clutch-pencil.

Below are two images I penciled and inked during my lunch-break.

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm sketching characters, I always imagine 'who' they might be as people as I chip them onto the page with my pencil. Often it's how stories begin to develop in my head.

For some reason, the last guy just says 'pervert' to me... or 'cartoonist.... I can't decide which :)



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