10 October 2010

October meetup

Trust me to forget my camera. It's always at the top of my mental checklist of things to bring, but for this month's meet... I forgot it. You know when it occured to me? It was when I dropped into Minotaur Bookshop in the city just before the meet to see what was new on the comic shelves... and I see this...

... Argh! No camera with me, so I resorted to my 1MP pre-historic (dopey) camera phone. Regardless, it was nice to see DIGESTED comic on the new release shelf of the store right alongside other premier titles. A real hoot. The TANGO COLLECTION sitting next to it also has a short story by me in it. The FRANCIS BEAR comic on the other side is one I have to get my mits on too. Everyone's been raving about it.

So then it was time to high-tail it to the monthly meet. Here are the pics that I took with my camera phone (hey, I tried), and Colin Wilson's iPhone. Thanks, Colin.

The Sawbones team. Jen writes so much that Trev's hand is sore from all the drawing.

Come on, Jason... stop pretending not to notice that beer in front of you.

Darren Close showed me the progress of his new Killeroo graphic novel. Looks awesome.

What can I say?... it was another cosy meet. Relaxing chats, laughs and comics on a sunny Spring day.

Next weekend (16th-17th October) is Armageddon. The HUGE pop-culture expo. I won't be exhibiting there this year because the artist alley tables were gone before I could even book one. I think there were only a handful available in a short spacee of time anyway (12 I think?). Ah well. I'll probably still drop in on the Sunday as a punter to support my local buddies and crowd their tables giving the aura of commercial pandemonium.




Jason Franks said...


Sitting on Greg Gates' left, reaching for the bowl of whatever, is Arren McKenna.

Rob said...

Hey where's my pic?? ;)
But seriously I had a fun time and nice to see the blog about it all. (And I'm Rob, the new guy!)

Anonymous said...


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