04 October 2010

The cover - pt.2

My sickness is on it's way out. Finally. The throat still feels like sandpaper though, but the headaches and nausea seem to be fading. Still not feeling great though, but thank Christ the headaches/nausia are subsiding. Anyhow, I managed to rest for most of the day, but got on the horse and was able to ink the cover for DIGESTED.04 this evening. Here it is...

I used a brush for a fair portion of this illustration just for fun. It's kinda new for me. In the end I don't think I'll make a habit of it. Played it way too carefully because I was trying to be perfect and hit the mark, instead of just naturally flowing through the inking. It's kind of like trying to write like someone else just because you like their style. I'm pretty confident with a nib after all these years, and aside from the thick lines one can only get from a brush, I think I'll stick with nibs as my tools of choice.

I know that other illustrators like Brendan Hallyday swear by the brush, but I suppose it's because he nurtures them the way I do nibs. Besides, I've only got about 4-5 brushes, but I have a warchest full of my favorite 'go-to' nibs. It just wouldn't make sense to begin a new learning curve and throw all that away just for kicks. It's procrastination. Also, I ink on a smaller than ordinary comic page (A4), and so it's almost impossible to get the fine line I want using a brush.

Ahh... why am I even trying to justify it to you all? It's nib all the way for me.

So... now it's up to that part that I find least enjoyable (though satisfying when it's done)... the colouring.



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