05 October 2010

The cover - pt.3

The cover is done!... Well, almost. The hard part is over anyway, and now I'm just playing with colour palettes. These two are the contenders so far...

Now all that's left is to impose the book and finalise the text pieces at the front and back. Not long to go now.




Gary Chaloner said...

Great stuff. Glad you're feeling better as well. I prefer the second cover's colour... if you're listening to opinions. :-)

Tom Bonin said...

Did you colour the second one and then adjust the colour balance for the first one? I hate to say it but it looks like you did.
I know the second one isn't very exciting but the red one looks a bit amateurish.

Bobby.N said...

Ah, you got me, Tom. It was a quick colour/contrast thing to bring the heading out a little more. Though I am heading in this general colour palette direction. 'Amateurish'?... Pah!

Still fiddling with it, though... will post up the results.



Jason Franks said...

I don't mind the red, but I think the second one looks better--and not only that I think it fits better with the prior DIGESTED issues.

-- JF

Douglas Holgate said...

I actually much prefer the red one. Amateurish is a bit tough it's a lot more striking than the yellows and greys of the second one so works as a cover.

Robert said...

I'm with Doug, I prefer the red one too.

emily smith said...

both looking gorgeous, but if i can offer a couple of suggestions...
The yellow one bounces out more visually because it uses a broader range of tones, but the text gets a little lost because of that. If you drop a gradient down from the top (probably dark brown, set to Hard Light) it'll create a darker area to act as a backdrop to the text, and bring it out.
In terms of the red, maybe desaturate a TINY bit (just a smidge) and then use a couple of masks to bring out the paler colours in the clothings, creating a wider range of tones to make it more visually appealing.
Other than that, lovely!

Wolfgang said...

The 'red' version smacks of the warm tones of an old-school Polaroid, no? The second version is more in keeping with the established Digested palette, and yet I find myself drawn to the warmth of the red.

Andrei B said...

Def red.

Bobby.N said...

You all drive me nuts! Ha ha!

Why doesn't someone just say, "I pick the third one Bobby, the one you haven't even done yet - :)

I've actually already placed a gradient down 'both' versions to bring the title out a little. Way ahead of you. Some of your other points are the things I've been working on. I'm almost at something I'm happy with.

Actually I liked it for the same reasons. That old gaudy 70's saturated photography is a favorite of mine too.

Also, I'm not trying to tie all the covers together in a style or colour scheme. I'm just trying to make each cover unique, and simply let the title 'DIGESTED' tie all the covers together.



Anonymous said...

Both of them are utter shit. The cover for a book called The List is sooo much better. I dont know why, but The List is just sooo much better. It totally is.