23 September 2010

Progress report...

Just finished inking a very short one-pager for the next issue of DIGESTED.

No kidding... this is something I saw on TV.

(Update: This strip got pulled in the end. Needs reworking, and deadline is looming. Another time.)




Tom Bonin said...

? I don't get it.

Bobby.N said...

Who esle doesn't get it?


Douglas Holgate said...

I don't quite get it.
The only thing i can gather is that it's something to do with the family being told not to avenge the fathers death, even though the murderer got away laughing?

If so i'm still not sure what your point is. An eye for an eye should be legal?

Douglas Holgate said...

Or is it that nobody thought to try and stop the crazy laughing man who just murdered somebody in cold blood in front of them?

Bobby.N said...

Ha!... Doug's kinda got it. Sort of. This scene actually happened, and my reaction was the same as shown in the comic.

Basically, the police says that the family shouldn't avenge the death... then, in the next breath, the reporter provokes the family and viewers by saying the killer laughed as he walked away... thereby INSURING anger/revenge.