30 September 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

It's Thursday morning, and I've written, layed-out, pencilled and lettered the final two page short story for the tail end of the next DIGESTED.04 issue due out in November. Feels good I tell ya!

Will ink this baby today, wrap up the final addendums for the back of the issue... and then it's only the cover to be done. I know the cover is the most important thing that people notice, and I'm careful to plan/execute it properly... but I'm always just anxious to get it done and get the book out. I know most comics authors absolutely froth at the mouth to do the cover, but to me the stories in the book are the real juice.

Catch the rest of you regulars at Saturday's monthly comics meetup. It's usually on during the first Saturday of each month, but because of this year's stupid AFL Grand Final reply... everyone's timetables are screwed up.



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