03 September 2010

Dark Contrasts

Last night was the official opening to Mandy Ord's & Dillon Naylor's DARK CONTRASTS exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that comic stories are meant to be read. But the positive thing about gallery exhibits of comic art is that it attracts crowds that may not necessarily be into comic books at all. The upshot, one hopes, is that by getting people to see the medium in a format that they ARE familiar/comfortable with (ie. On a wall), then it may prompt them to also read the stories in book format. It's not a far-fetched idea, right?

I was one of the first there when I took the photo (above)...

But soon the place was jumping.

Lot's of chat and viewing of artwork.

A few familiar faces.

Some rare published comics by Mandy and Dillon were on view.

I didn't want to interrupt John puttin on his 'moves'... "So, ladies, uh..."

Dillon Naylor's work:

Beautifully designed and painted acrylics.

My favorite of Dillon's at this exhibit. Really confident work.

Mandy Ord's work:

Pages from some of Mandy's newer work...

And a close-up.

The artwork showcased on the walls was great. Congratulations to them both, and I hope the show leads to great things. They deserve it. The two have been toiling away at their comic book authoring/illustrating for years now, and while their respective styles are very different from each other, their passion for black ink on white paper is obvious and inspiring.

The exhibition closes on the 25th September. Mandy and Dillon will also be giving a talk about their work and careers on Saturday-11th between 2-3pm. Entry is FREE! So if you don't come... Like, what's wrong with you?


PS: Oh yeah, before I forget... the monthly comics meet up is on again tomorrow.



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Thanks Bobby for such great photos and blog post!

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