08 August 2010

August meetup

A nice, cosy, chatty meetup this month. All the regulars came, plus some new faces that are starting to become regulars.

Colin Wilson and Jason Franks came back from the US where they bought back a crapload of comics.

Greg Gates shows us the goodies bag that Colin brought back from the convention circuit this year. I swear they're getting bigger each time.

Colin's copy of a new Moebius comic that Greg and I were in awe over...

(Click on the image for a bigger pic.)

Brendan occasionally brings down some great comics he's willing to sell... for a bargain. We all picked up some treasures.

The travelling, talented, Renan dropped by. His sketchbook is awesome!

... And I'll let Brendan sign off this post.




Paul Bedford said...

Brendan will be most grateful that you didn't post 'that' photo... one which he choreographed. Ha!

Bobby.N said...

Brendan asked me not to post it, otherwise... you know me - ;)


Jason Franks said...

See mke with my hands flat on the table Not drinking, not drinking. See? See?

An awesome meet, as always. Feels like every one is more fun than the previous one.

-- JF