17 August 2010


Today at lunchtime, as i entered the Richmond Library for my daily routine of working on my book/s, I spotted 'B.P.R.D: PLAGUE OF FROGS' at the corner of my eye. "I remember this." I thought, and proceeded to flick open the pages (just to reminisce) . Then I began to glow. Then I sat down... and before I knew it I had read the entire book and spent my entire lunchtime immersed in the story again.

This is a great, great comic. Real adventure. It's Indiana Jones, horror and CSI mixed together (with a better cast and story). The pacing is beautiful and SO easy to read. Mike Mignola isn't heavy handed with his writing, and allows the art (by Guy Davis) to complete the tense mood. It's a PERFECT example of how comics can out-do straight prose hands down in setting mood & story.

The above image is the cover from the first issue of the original series (which I have from years ago), but after reading it again today, I'm getting the TP too.

So should you.




Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with the BPRD or Hellboy in my opinion. Gold evry time.

Bobby.N said...

Yes indeed.

I just read BPRD: THE BLACK FLAME today on the train. Not as good as BPRD: PLAGUE OF FROGS in my opinion, but it was still a fun ride.

So far, the series seems to be top notch. I've ordered three others already.


Anonymous said...

The BPRD and Hellboy are the only American comics I 'collect'. I have lots of American comics but Mike Mignola dominates.