04 July 2010

I was late getting to the meet today, but the regulars were already into it when I walked in...

Melbourne comics heavy-weights were all around.

Jason Franks REALLY hates having his photo taken.

I twisted the arms of some of the guys to scribble a picture in my sketchbook. Curiously, none of them opted for the pens/markers I offered them, but instead, all borrowed a pencil from somebody. Anybody. What have people got against pens, man?

Colin Wilson

Trevor Wood

Greg Gates

Darren Close

Before scooting off with a passenger on his back, Tom Bonin sketched this nice piece...

Tom Bonin

The clock struck about 6pm, the meet-up ended, and a few of us continued into the city to celebrate Jason Franks' birthday at a local Taco Bill restaraunt.

Considering most of the guys began drinking at 2pm (at the meet), they were really tanked and happy by dinner.

Even Jason didn't mind having his picture taken... now that's saying something!

When Paul Bedford ordered the margarita, the waitress asked, "The regular size?", and PAul says, "Nuh, the big one!" (thinking it would be a reasonable step up)... but we didn't know there were only 2 sizes. A normal glass... and a one litre!

It was massive.

What a trooper!

Paul was everyone's bitch after that one litre margarita.




Anonymous said...

Great night man, and good wrap up... but can you remove some of the pics of me? It was Jason's b'day, not mine (and just to clarify, people, I shared that litre-margharita with 3 people. Still messed me up, though).
God Sunday was difficult - until Richmond won at the G.

Bobby.N said...

ok, ok... I removed 2 photos. I want people to be entertained when they come to my blog y'know, Paul.



Jason Franks said...

Ha! Paul, if you didn't want to be in all the photos you shouldn't have dressed so provocatively.

Gary Chaloner said...

Damn. Wish I was there. Looked like a fun, messy time.