06 June 2010

Went to bed far too late last night, and so felt pretty groggy getting up in the morning. It doesn't matter that I slept in. Body clock's all out of whack. I'm too use to the 9-5 day job routine that altering things on a lazy Saturday morning screws me up.

Anyway... got my sh... stuff together and headed out to the city. I quickly swung by Smith street first to check out some sneakers at the Adidas, Converse, and Nike factory outlets. Almost bought something, but had to resist impulse buying and be sensible and 'think' about it some more like a mature adult ('think' about it meaning looking on Ebay for cheaper prices when I got home), but anyway... I was already late, and had to shake a leg to get to this month's comics meetup which made high-tailing it out of the shop an 'auto-pilot' thing.

Got to the meetup and was greeted by an already-chunky gathering...

The obligatory 'panorama' shot, made famous by Colin Wilson. Click on the image above to enlarge it. Appologies to those who's names I'm forgetting on the images... I can't remember.

The talented Mr Blumenstien came down...

... and was drawing some cool comics.

Colin Wilson brought along his new iPad. I must admit, that although I'm trying to resist the thing, it is absolutely great. Colin was showing me the reading features in the way publications (like WIRED Magazine) are formatted on the thing. Very nice indeed.

Must. Resist. New. Toy.

He was so excited in showing his iPad that his chair needed a seat-belt to restrain him. Lookithimgo!

Colin giving Greg a stern talking to about iPads.

Greg also brought along a fantastic book he just picked up at Minotaur called MESMO DELIVERY by Rafael Grampá. I was salivating. This book was something I spotted the early inks for on Rafael's blog over a year ago, but totally lost track of the when/where it was coming out. I gotta tell you, it's the best looking inkwork I've seen in a loooooong time. Right up my alley in terms of the natural line I'm aiming for in my own pages. Rafael's a master. I gotta get me a copy of this book, quick!

Update (07.06.10): Just picked up my own copy of MESMO DELIVERY from Alternate Worlds on Chapel Street. Yessir!

Paul was in love with his new VIP bar-tab gold card.

The List team (Writer Paul & Artist Henry) talking scripts and storylines.

I brought along the new Dan Clowes book WILSON, and noticed that this book had strange connections to a few people in the room. Not only did the book and it's cover look eerily like Colin Wilson (get it?... 'Wilson'?)... but...

...Brendan also looked like the main character! Thank you to Trev Wood for pointing this out to me.

Paul, Jason & I are having a private competition on who has the biggest 'guns' in our scene. By the looks of it, I need to hit the gym to stay in the race.

It was about this time that Jaon Franks said "Enough with the photos!"

  • Flicking through Greg's copy of MESMO DELIVERY. Awesome!
  • The deep discussion about creating stories & writing with James Andre.
  • Colin's iPad.
  • The chats & jokes.
Well, in two weeks I'll be at the massive Supanova convention in Sydney sitting behind the Gestalt booth. Come by, say hello, and get a sketch on the inside cover of each book of mine that you buy!


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