09 June 2010

Knowing my tastes, the talented local Melbourne writer/poet, James Andre emailed me one of his 'story-in-progress' pieces the other week called XXX Neon Sign because he thought I might appreciate it. He was SO right.

What I like about James' writing is that when he writes plainly and directly, he gives me a refreshing rush of truth that I seldom get from other authors. While the average writer might tell me of how drink ruined Faulkner and Hemingway, James shows me why a writer would drink in the first place.

So, we talk, and James is still in the process of tightening the first draft of the carrot he has put in front of my nose. The next time I see him is at the monthly comics meetup and we quickly end up talking about XXX Neon Sign. We agree that I'll draw the cover to the book, if he'll publish it... and with that starts a short volley of emails. Pretty quickly I come up with an idea that James likes, and I run with it.

Here's the rough I threw together...

I showed this to James, and with his 'thumbs up', I spent today's lunch break at the day job tight-penciling the final art-card. I got rid of the initial 'Florist' sign to the right, as I wanted the XXX title/sign to be the 'hero' on the cover without any competition.

And here it is... ready for inking. Mwoaahahah!
I can't wait to get at this baby.

(Note to self: Fix the aweful perspective at the bottom of the window. Yeeash!).



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Louie Joyce said...

Good looking cover.