26 June 2010


Written & Illustrated by Justin Randal

A visually stunning piece of work. The mood that Justin creates in CHANGING WAYS is superb, as we follow the main character and his family through a rainy night of terror in a small town. Well written and masterfully illustrated. See examples of the book here.

Illustrated by Tom Bonin, written by various people

Tom Bonin's nior-styled B&W ink work has been a favorite of mine and others in Australia for a while. Originally published by LAC Comics a few years ago, Tom has continued writing and drawing stories with his two leading protagonists in DICKS (Short for 'detectives', no the other thing)... but in this issue, he's handed over the words to four leading Australian comic book writers (James Andre, Tom Taylor, Jason Franks, and Jen Breach) while Tom does all the art. The four different writers give the reader very divergent/interesting stories. I liked it a lot. A solid, fun read. Email Tom from his website and buy a copy.

(Volumes 1-4
Edited by Seamus Cooney

Each of the books' covers placed together forms a typewriter image (as shown above).

Honest, clear and beautiful. It's the best thing I've read in a long time, by far. These volumes contain wonderful letters that Charles Bukowski wrote to various people in the latter half of his life as he was struggling to survive the world and write. As it says on the back covers, 'I wrote letters to many in those days... it was rather my way of screaming from my cage.'

VOL.1 (1958-1965)
VOL.2 (1965-1970)
VOL.3 (1971-1986)
VOL.4 (1987-1994)

If you're a Buk addict like me, then you'll devour this series. They're published by Virgin Books Ltd.




Tom Bonin said...

Cheers Bobby. I'm glad you liked the comic. I hope I can deliver such a standard when I take the words back for the next installment.

Bobby.N said...

The writing was varied in this book, Tom. Something refreshing and new. Not all of it was to my tastes, but your consistent look to the entire book held it together nicely.

I actually prefer your written treatment of DICKS anyway - :)