03 June 2010

Jason Franks is one of the few comic creators in the Melbourne scene that I can relate to in terms of his drive to produce comics. Like me, he was bitten by the bug a long time ago, and even now, as the average citizen resigns themselves into a sensible mould, he continues to stick flags on mountain peaks.

Jason's also one of the regulars at our monthly meetups (it's on again this Saturday in case you're wondering), and I remember reading one of his short auto-bio type stories a few years ago and being impressed. Since then we've thrown about the idea of doing a short story together. Well, Jase's next issue of KAGEMONO is due out later this year and he took me up on the offer to write a short story with a loose idea we'd planted a seed for a while ago. It's actually an unused kernel of an idea I never got to use in my short WITHHELD novel, and Jason has completely made it into something new and original.

Jason's good in that, he knows the type of story I dig, so he tailored the script to my taste while retaining a horror flavour that he (and KAGEMONO) is known for. Once he sent me the script, I began doodling individual scenes and angles...

Sketches trying to get 'shots' right.

I scanned, then roughly pasted the scenes from my sketches (above) that I felt 'worked' together on computer to form the 'blueline' that I eventually showed Jason as a proof before I inked it.

Once we were both happy, I inked the page, and added one grey tone.

And whala... page one of the short story.

This is actually the first comic story I've ever illustrated for anybody. I'm usually resistant to drawing other people's words because I have my own ideas that I'm itching to get down, and I'm possesive of the hours/days I have to do my own work. But given that it was only going to be a couple of pages long, and I'd been convinced by Jason's stuff in my own comfortable way, it seemed like something fun to do. And it was.

So, without giving too much away, I hope the above page will compel you enough to grab the next issue of KAGEMONO when it comes out. Keep an eye out on Jason's Live Journal for the release date.



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Jason Franks said...

Bobby, working on this story with you has been an absolute highlight and I can't wait to show the results when the book is done.