01 May 2010

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It's 1.24am on a Friday night (ok, Saturday morning), and my brain is mash potatoe. Anyway, before I forget, here's a few pics from last weekend's wonderful comics extravaganza that was held at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne's CBD.

I wore my new 'Cerebus in Chains' t-shirt to the event.

No one could keep their hands off it!

So, off to the Wheeler Centre I went. The Saturday's event, originally $20, became complimentary due to publisher 'Allen & Unwin's' generosity. There were four talks on the day. It was a mouth-watering comics smorgasboard.

Tim McEwan was there.

Along with a packed house.

Bernard Caleo chaired one of the talks discussing comics.

Most notable highlight for me was listening to the words of wisdom from Shaun Tan & Bruce Mutard regarding creating their books. Another interesting guest/speaker was Dylan Horrocks. His talks and experiences in the U.S comics industry were a treat to listen to .

Anyhow, Bernard Caleo wrote in more detail about the weekend. Read about it HERE.




Azzamckazza said...

I had to leave before I could get a photo of me giving you a hug for the Gestalt guys. I'll have to wait until Doujicon. Be prepared.

Also - on other insane news : My friend picked up the entire Cerebus run (minus 1 book) for $5.50 this morning. Darebin libraries were selling off their Graphic novels for 50c a pop for some unknown and insane reason.

Bobby.N said...


Where... when?...
Oh, I'm bleeding. That's the bargain of the century! Is this library INSANE?