16 April 2010

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Worked on cover a little more this evening. Decided to see how adding depth by putting in shadows from the sunrise would effect the composition.

After adding shade to the foreground images, I tried continuing the effect by adding shadows to the upper section of clouds and to the figures in the background (to follow realism of light/shade), but the picture started to look too segmented and messy. What I mean is, it just started to take away the crispness and 'punch' by all the shadowy complexities.

So instead of adding a shadow above each cloud, I simply faded the outline of each cloud to give the suggestion that the top of the cloud is darker than the bottoms. And instead of adding small complicated shadows to each background person, I simply increased the opacity of the grey on them as a flat colour.

Getting the right effect to convey doesn't always mean being literal.



Jase said...

Love it! although I feel he needs a slight highlight down his nose, instead of the full shadow.

Anonymous said...

I must say I think version B from the last post is the strongest. Maybe not as interesting but it's getting a bit too complex and muddy. imho.

Bobby.N said...

JASE: Yeah, that was bugging me too. It's fixed on the final copy going to printers as we speak.

TOM: I 'personally' liked the daytime blue sky version too, but the darker one reflected the story inside the book. It's set in early morning while waiting for a train to arrive, so, the latest one shown here on the blog is the winner. Sorry mate.

I'm determined to do a 'light' cover for the next one. :-)