26 April 2010

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Just stumbled on some of the thumbnails I'd used in creating the pages of OXYGEN in the current DIGESTED.03 issue.

Through this free brainstorming, I get the camera angles and compositions right before I begin to pencil in the page for inking. (Notice the thumbnails I've outlines in black. These are the ones that I chose for the final panels in the story). I find this prior thumbnailing step is invaluable, rather than trying to compose blindly onto the finished board and then rubbing & re-rubbing until you ruin your paper in a hundred smudges and smears. Basically, I find I can't 'work it out' on the finished art board. It's too constrained for me. The designer in me would much rather 'compose' the page and get it right before I get to the final art board.




J Marc Schmidt said...

I must try this approach. I've used a few ways of getting the idea onto the paper, but not this way. Did you make the original sketches with a blue pencil, or is it printed out from a printer in blue ink?

Bobby.N said...

These rough thumbs are just to get compositions right.

I then flesh out the RIGHT looking thumbs (that I'll use in the comic) in a sketchbook. The refined sketchbook images I'll then layout as my complete comic page (in Photoshop) using the refined sketches, which allows me to scale and place things where i want them, THEN I print it out in blue on drawing card and ink on that.