15 April 2010

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It's 12.20am on a Wednesday night and I've just wrapped up DIGESTED.03! Happy, but spent. Just a 'once-over' to be done by Gestalt & myself (a typo fixed here or there) and it's off to the printers and delivered in time for the upcoming Doujicon convention.

Anyway...which cover do you think works best?

Version-A or...


So while you ponder the covers, I'm going to bed. Oh yeah... I may drop in to Supanova this weekend at the Showgrounds to support my buddies. Fingers crossed, eh?

Goodnight all.




Colin Wilson said...

Version-A.... by a mile!

Azzamckazza said...

Version A fits in visually with the others though the clouds and sky gradient look a little too much like they were done in Flash.

I actually like version B. It may be a little too happy for whats inside the book though.

Bobby.N said...

Haha... I'm not that much of a curmudgeon am I?

Yeah, the reasoning for the lighter cover option is to give a bit of a break to the darker styled covers (ie. add a pop of light). I wouldn't want the whole series of covers, when lined up, to look too similar in 'tone'. I think version-B needs a lot more work, before It's a contender. Hasn't been thrashed enough.

Version-A has been worked quite a bit though.



Anonymous said...

I'd go B. The clouds in A seem to suit his mood, but I like the fact his mood is juxtaposed by the sun and brightness in B. And yeah, it would stand out more and be a nice change.

I just saw that Colin said A, but what would he know? ;^)


afaniL said...

cover A.. 'coz cover be might be a little bit too happy?

Jen Breach said...

I'm trying to come up with a chant to voice my support for version A, but I'm drawing a blank. But version A it is!

Bobby.N said...

Gezzis... lucky I didn't put up THREE covers!




J Marc Schmidt said...

Version A. It's striking and a bit different, for covers in general. I think the sunset may suit the emotional tone of the comic better (not having read it yet, just your posts about it!). I do like version B too - it's a nice sunny day but something's definitely not right with the character. But I like A better.

Bobby.N said...

It's funny on the comments of the fellow not looking quite right (Its' supposed to be my alter-ego btw). I, in fact, omitted putting in a 'twitch' on the left eye because I thought it may not need it. Apparently it was the right call.


Zeno said...

Cover A without a doubt. More foreboding and promises dramatic stories inside. Plus the gradient/ sunset gives the whole picture a greater sense of contrast and value.