16 March 2010

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Long-time friend, comic book author, & garlic farmer Tom Bonin came down to Melbourne for a few days. A few of us decided to get together in the spur of the moment and say hello to the man we haven't seen in over a year on a warm Monday evening.

We didn't strictly talk 'shop'... but a few of us brought along some of our current projects.

Jason brought in some photocopied samples of a short-story that Bruce Mutard is illustrating for him. It looks fantastic, I have to tell you. It's a real step up from Bruce's previous work, which already puts us all to shame anyway! Stay tuned.

The writers.

Even though Tom Taylor states that he's a 'writer'... don't think he can't create exciting visuals too. Tom took the above pic with my camera. Shhwaaar!

The man of the hour (Tom Bonin) brought along his folio too...

My favorite. A Moebius-style illustration. Grade-A stuff Tom.

Great chats and nice pub food were enjoyed by all. Hopefully Tom can make it to Melbourne more often so I can get to look more regularly at his great finished pages... though he's just bought a house some 100 leagues away, so it doesn't look likely.

Anyway... see the rest of you at the next meet-up, which should be on 3rd-April... though that's also Easter Saturday, so I'm not sure what's going to happen there?


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