08 February 2010

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I made my way into the city just after 12.30pm with my woman Zora on a perfect Saturday afternoon. I left her to shop & walk around the city as I quickly ducked into Minotaur to see if there was anything new (Picked up Zack Sally's RECIDIVIST), and then dashed to the meet-up

It was already buzzing by the time I got there. People must have been eager to catch up in this new year.

Jason was trying contain the tears of joy and excitement as Bruce Mutard showed him the pencil layouts to Jason's upcoming short auto-bio story 'At own risk'. Judging by the pencils I saw, it will be awesome when published.

The writers.

Jen had just had written a piece in today's Melbourne AGE newspaper (Saturday, 6-Feb-2010) about the TANGO Collection... and she has another piece on 'The best of comics' in the next BIG ISSUE magazine. Well done Breachy!

Paul calling his broker to buy some stock after studying the financial section of the paper. Don't buy the whole 'angst-riden' rebellious/brooding thing he portrays in his writing. (Even his Hunter. S. Thompson outfit above doesn't fool me)... but no, seriously, he is a nice guy. After the meet-up he gave me a lift home in his BMW convertible.

I know I often say that the Melbourne meet-ups are good, but damn, this month's was the best this year! (Ok, so it's only Feb)... but just click on the panorama below to see...

And yes, ALL of the people in the photo above were there for this month's comics meet-up! I was straddling the window sill when I took this panorama shot, just so I could show the 'chunkiness' of the turnout.

  • Seeing Bruce's fully pencilled pages to Jason's story.
  • Reading Jen's AGE review.
  • Talking comics with the gang.
  • Paul's headlock.
Being summer here in Melbourne now, the sun sets late. Jen commented on how she was surprised that it was already nearly 7pm... time flies when your having fun.


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