18 February 2010

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Concepting and writing out a short story for the next DIGESTED.03 issue.

This is me doing some variations of one of the central characters, just to get the right hair/look of him. This is essentially the brainstorming/forming phase where the idea of the story 'gels' together. It's where the vague concept that's in one's head gets visualised.

I write out the dialogue in [beats] as would be read in the actual comic, along with any descriptions & narration.

Ok... it's nearly my lunchbreak here at work, and I'm off to the local library to continue working on it.
[Update after lunch]...
It's now written... and so I'll let the story sit for while as I thumbnail the current plot with sequences and possible shots. Then come back after that (with fresher eyes) and re-write/refine the script, which will probably require further adjustments to the illustrations... and then, bada-bing... layout it out, pencil it, and ink it.



Zombie Chicken Catcher said...

I really dig that head shape you do. It's a smooth cartoon character form, not like a giant cucumber. Your characters look around at the world around them, it's nice.

Bobby.N said...

Thanks. Yeah... It's more like a 'bean', than a 'cucumber' - :)