15 January 2010

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Review 1.

From the West Australian newspaper:
"A beautiful example of the cartoonist’s art where a picture really does speak a thousand words."
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Review 2.
From Tom Spugeon's The Comics Reporter:
"Bobby.N draws like several recognizable alternative cartoonists: his house would not out look out of place on a street where Richard Tommaso, Mike Dawson, Dave Sim, Joe Sacco and especially Dave Cooper had their homes. Like some of the best second generation alt-comics work in the U.S., the serial "Oxygen" processes its science fiction through an autobiographical comics template: spying on the neighbors, remembering strange moments from the past, dreamscapes. A lot will depend on the reveal, if the story holds our interest when more of its cards are on the table."
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Review 3.
From Kris Bather's Comic Book Jesus:
"...His work as a graphic designer shines through every page, making the most of the limited page space with superb pacing, great characterisation with few lines and a mastery of black and white art."
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Anonymous said...

Mate, I must have missed this on your site somehow. I went to the sites so I could read them in full. Man, these reviews are fucking great! I'm rapt that you are starting to get some critical recognition. Keep going mate, you absolutely kick arse!


Bobby.N said...

Thanks mate... appreciate it.