24 January 2010

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Next I scan in the sketches that I think worked (from the previous 'free sketching' phase), and lay them out (in low resolution) on the computer scaled up to as big as I can go on an A4 sheet of paper. I use this same template for all pages done to this particular four-panel 'grid' layout. This way, the final pages (in the book format) have the same line weight throughout.

I use this basic page as the underlay... which means I tape this under my final drawing card and begind lightly tracing it in blue pencil on my lightbox. After this I switch off the lightbox and tighten up the pencil more. Note that I pay attention to not only the images, but also the words. That's actually the thing that your pictures should work around.... so the final page sits comfortably together and reads easily. It is a story, remember.

Now the page is ready for inking.


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Goran F. said...

It's always great to see another comic artists process while figuring out your own. Great stuff.