28 January 2010

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I'm psyched. Having almost gotten rid of this damn headcold that ruined my long-weekend, I still managed to keep working on DIGESTED.03 and stay on a roll.

In only 3 days I've thumbed, pencilled, layed out, and inked two pages on my lunch breaks and spare hour-or-two after work. Telling you this on my blog isn't me bignoting myself, but rather me telling the devil on my shoulder to get lost. I figure if I say & show it here, and don't follow through, I'll embarass myself.

Again, every little mind game I play that serves in getting the work done is absolutely worth it.

I've started to try and keep the finished pages in some sort of file system by using a simple 'avery' sticker, so that I can archive them after the chapter is done. Right now the pages of previous issues are all over the place and in pieces.

While I try and ink the page to the best of my abilities, I don't care about it being a perfect 'work of art' that I'll sell some day. Who cares. I always say that 'the page you read in the book is the final page'.

Anyway, I don't worry about imperfections during inking. I fix all the 'daggy bits' on the computer after I've scanned it in.

... and here's a low-resolution of the finished page before i polish all the rough edges off on the computer. Now, now this is all you're getting for now... I still want you to buy the actual book you know. - :)

Oh, and I finally got to try out my new refillable brush pen. I can't really ink with a brush well. I'm a nib man myself, but I do use one (ever so carefully) when I need a really thick line. But the baby in the photo above (although crappy for proper detailed work) is perfect for filling in all the black areas. It was only $10 and even came with 2 spare brush heads! It's a no-name asian brand... but it's the tits!



Ian T. said...

I used to ink in all my black areas - it helps with visualising balance in the artwork - but lately I've taken to doing the big areas on the computer. This was partly as a result of my colour-work - finding that I wanted to rework b&w stuff in colour later, but having destroyed some nice outlines by blacking in earlier.

Still, if you're totally committed to final b&w (your looks perfect like this) then filling in the blacks by hand can be very satisfying.

Your work ethic is admirable as ever!

Bobby.N said...

Thanks Ian.

Over the years I've experimented with all kinds of short cuts and tricks in the hopes of making my comics production more efficient... but in the end, all I ended up doing was playing with technology and stuff rather than sitting down and writing/drawing stories. I suppose we're always fine-tuning (i know I am), but I've come full circle back to basic tools, and the computer is the final 'touch up' phase for me.

In my experience, looking at the page 'in-the-flesh' can't be beaten. I try not to 'draw' on the computer. Putting down black is 'drawing' to me. I don't like doing it digitally anyway. What can I say... black ink on white paper is a fetish of mine.

Anyway... I just tend to miss things on screen that I can automatically see paper.

Sometimes even after I THINK the page is finished, I'll print it out on my laser printer at 1-1 size (before sending to printers), and find something that's off.


Andrei said...

One word: Lussssssh.

Seeing the tones of black in the actual art and the finished result makes me realise I need to get a lot more serious with my post-production *scratches chin*

I was at Frankston this weekend and saw a little boy doing bombies off the pier with his pap. Reminded me of your work :)

Anonymous said...

Out by 'Nova?


Bobby.N said...

When's Supanova?