21 January 2010

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I wasn't sure I was even up to going into the 9-5 day job today as I have a sandpaper sore throat, an aweful headcold and my voice sounds like Barry White's (which isn't a bad thing).

As Kris Kristofferson so eloquently put it in the movie BLADE-2... I feel "like hammered shit."

But I've gotten into a routine lately where I start feeling 'antsy' if I don't work on my books each day. Even if it's for half an hour. So, at lunchtime I went down to the local library and thumbnailed some sequences for the next issue with a blue pencil in one hand and a tissue in the other. I figure if I can kick my ass into getting work done in this condition, then I have no excuse when I'm feeling 100%... Oh, the mindgames of a delusional comic book author. They'll be fitting me for a white straight-jacket any day now.

I really enjoy thumbnailing. Throwing up different camera angles in my head and seeing what kinds of interesting framed shots I can get to communicate what's going on.

I tend to outline the best ones in black marker (as you can see above).


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