10 January 2010

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Brendan Halyday organised a mini-meet just before the first regular one (06-Feb-2010) for all the comic nuts that just couldn't wait that long. It was a small cosy gathering of about 8-10 people.

Colin Wilson giving some drawing tips. People would pay big bucks for what i witnessed.

Brendan (in the middle) brought along a big (heavy) box of graphic novels to sell. Some very nice pick ups. I picked up 2 Jason books ('Why are you doing this' and 'The left bank gang') for $13 bucks a pop.

I thought it was a novel idea. Brendan needed to make some room at home, and we got to pick up some mint condition books. A win-win. So I thought I'd bring a few books along to the next meet too. In fact, I invite others to come and sell the books they don't have room for also.

Great idea Brendan. A good time was had by all.

Come along to the next meetup:
Prince Alfred Hotel
191 Grattan St, Carlton, VIC
2pm - 6pm
... have a drink, and rummage through the books that will be on offer.



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Anthony Woodward said...

Hey there, I've been trying to get details of comic meetups on the hayase wiki, http://hayase.net.au/wiki/index.php?title=Meetups_and_Events. Any chance of popping the details you know into the wiki?