26 January 2010

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And the final page - though I'm tussling between two mindsets...

In the page above, I like how the text boxes stand out slightly with the grey around them (better reading), but the artwork tends to suffer as a result.

... whereas limiting the greys makes the readability suffer.

But I'll leave this problem for now... as I've found it's best to get straight onto the next page (not waste time) and come back at a later date with fresh eyes.



Jen Breach said...

Grey, grey, all the way! I like the way it adds depth to the scene, and I disagree that the art suffers at all from it. Now stop wasting time reading comments and get back to your drawing board!

Bobby.N said...

Jen Breach
Hmmm... ok, that's one for grey.

Anthony Woodward wrote:
"Hey there, I've been trying to get details of comic meetups on the hayase wiki, http://hayase.net.au/wiki/index.php?title=Meetups_and_Events/

Any chance of popping the details you know into the wiki?"



Jason Franks said...

Make that two for the grey.

-- JF

J Marc Schmidt said...

I wouldn't say the art suffers when you add grey, it looks good! I also like your use of caption boxes on panel 2, I think I'll use that meself.

Anonymous said...

I reckon you overdid the grey in D2. I'm much more in favour of limiting the grey. Readability is fine in the second one remember it's the pictures that are meant to tell the story.
Of course this is coming from an artist so...

Bobby.N said...

That's 3 for grey, and 1 against.


Bobby.N said...

BTW: I agree Tom, I did overuse grey in certain spots in DIGESTED.02, which is why I'm being more mindfull of it from now on.