12 December 2009

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Cardigan comics' book launches are THE book launches of the year. If you're a comic publisher, and you're thinking about launching your title... make sure it's as FAR away from the date of a TANGO launch as possible, because these shin-digs are jaw dropping. You don't stand a chance.

Two massive anthologies were launched on the night. THE TANGO COLLECTION published by Allen & Unwin, and TANGO-9 (Love & War) published by Cardigan Comics.

The night was fantastic. Good friends, and great books. The new TANGO-9 was the standout for me. Perfect dimensions & 300+ pages. It was nice and chunky. All the organisers/publishers outdid themselves. Guests couldn't praise the night and books enough... just take a look at some of the pics I took on the night.

Where ever I pointed my camera... it was packed.

Very swish.

In the main gallery area, groups were congregating.

It did heat up, but we were all having too much fun to care.

I see you Jen.

The only creator taller than Bruce & myself... the talented Mr Scmidt.

Mr Caleo giving his eloquent and charged speeches to launch the books.

Just take a look at that crowd!!
Click on the image above to see a larger panorama shot.

A parting gift from the mysterious publisher. A magazine to be launched in the near future. What will be inside... who knows? But I'm waiting with baited breath.



John Retallick said...

Another great couple of reports Bobby. Just a note on this one, The Tango Collection is through A+U but Tango9 and all the other 8 Tangos have been (self) published by Cardigan Comics.

Bobby.N said...

Right you are John.
Now fixed.


Ian T. said...

That panorama shot really captures the night! I agree with you about "Tango9: Love & War" - what a fantastic book!

Bobby.N said...

"Seeing you walk across the room in Colin's panorama shot, Bobby, is totally sealed by your cheeky grin in the last shot. Gold!

-- Jen"

Sorry Jen, i accidently deleted your post, so i had to put it up in my post here. Yes, the panorama that Colin took of me as I walked across was totally accidental. I only noticed him taking it when i'd walked up close to the table... and smiled as though I'd meant it all along. :)

It is a great book isn't it. A nice range of styles in there. It's also (in my eyes) a perfect size & 'big-ness'. It makes me want to get my larger story cracking a little more, JUST so I can produce a phonebook like this. It really wets the lips.

As Wolfgang Bylsma (of Gestalt Publishing) so eloquently put it, these things are a 'fetish objects'.


J Marc Schmidt said...

It was a great night. I liked your Tango #9 story; some really good facial expressions and balloon placement there.

Bobby.N said...

Thanks J.
I lay out the drawings, words & balloons on a computer first - print it out on a cheap laser printer - then use that to trace from. That way everything's where it should be.

My day job as a graphic designer has informed this step for me... otherwise I'd burn holes in my drawing card by all the erasing!

Oh, and I enjoyed your piece too Mr Schmidt. My favorite panel was where the nurse is wiping the patient's face. Really nice nuances. Well done.


Bobby.N said...

'Shaving' the patient's face was what I meant to say... not wiping - :)