24 November 2009

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Following the labotomy of Armageddon... I scraped myself up from the floor, and have spent the last month chipping away at the next issue (DIGESTED.03)...

... and have just finished the first short story.
Here's one of the inked panels.



Azzamckazza said...

All well and good - but where can I get Digested #2 other than the gestalt site? Come on man! You've got fns that need feeding!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this - Digested 1 & 2 was my fave part of Armageddon. Keep us posted.

Goran F.

Bobby.N said...

DIGESTED.02 should be up on my site soon, as well as through stores too.

Thanks. Knowing the book has an eager audience keeps me pumping the work out.