09 November 2009

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Another meetup was flagged on the calendar, and so I eagerly weathered the stinkin' heat to be there with my fellow comicbook fetishists on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm.

The friendly regulars were there.

Then I spotted something strange looking from outside ('The Ring' style)...

He was even in the framed wall picture reflection.

It was PAul Bedford, and after sitting down, it became apparent he was peeved we weren't sitting outside in the sweltering heat.. because (get this) he brought along some sunscreen.

As gay as two straight guys can be.

A very 'chunky' turnout.

Philip Bently brought along his new issue of Word Balloons featuring Doug Holgate. A good read. Pick it up!

Daniel Reed looking sheepish as Greg Gates rifles through a new story he's working on. Very nice looking pages Daniel.

Colin Wilson got me onto this nifty idea... so here's the obligatory Monthly Meetup panorama shot from my camera. (Click on the image above).

... and here's one from Colin Wilson's iPhone.

There were a whole bunch of new faces this month. The most ever! Some even finding their way down due to this very blog.

One more comics meetup left for the year, so don't miss out y'all.

191 Grattan St, Carlton (opposite Melbourne Uni)
Sat - 5th December - 2009



censustaker said...

I was one of those who found the arvo via this blog people. Glad I did. Thanks, BobbyN (and everyone else, especially Jason) for the conversation(s). Cant make the Dec meeting but hopefully will be back in Jan.


Andrei said...

Yup, I was another shadow blog reader who made it down.

For the first panorama shot, the guy in the red shirt between Jason Franks and Greg Gates is Justin Pearson Smith and the guy next to him in the black 'New' shirt with the glasses is a very sweaty Andrei Buters.

Behind Andrei is Nghi Huynh.

If you're getting that many more people from reading this blog, imagine what would happen if there was a poster in minotaur or somewhere!

Tom Bonin said...

Next year I'm going to be down there! It's a fucking shambles up here.

Bobby.N said...

Always good to see new faces.

Thanks for the names. Good idea about getting flyers or posters up at some comic stores. Greg?... Philip?