07 October 2009

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These coming weeks are ramping up for me. Not long now before Armageddon (a week and a bit to go). And while the book has been sent off to be printed, I still have to prepare for the convention, as well as start stories for the next issue. I'm excited, as well as a little nervous. Some momentum has kicked in, and I just want to keep it steam rolling ahead.

Anyway, after waking early to see about some cheap black work shirts (nice), I spent a lazy morning strolling around the Werribee mall eating my pizza roll and sipping a BigM. The meet was a few hours away as I stopped in the sunshine and enjoyed the relaxed pace. Haven't felt this in months. Usually Im racing somewhere trying to be on time. Now that DIGESTED.02 is finished, I can really breathed some fresh air. Have to do this more often.

Well, after driving down into town to check out some comic book shops (Alternate Worlds (Chapel St), and then to Minotaur (City))... I slowly made my way down to the monthly comics meet. I agot there about 2.30pm to see (as usual) the regulars. They teased me again for being late. Usually I was always the 'seat warmer' as everyone rolled in. Now I've lost my title.

An intense debate. Who says comics is kids stuff?

Jason Franks was looking at Jason Franks being interviewed. This video interview (along with other local creators like myself and Paul Bedford) will soon be up at OzComics. Stay tuned.

While Greg Gates was looking over the new Robert Crumb 'GENESIS' comic that I brought in (hot off the shelves of Minotaur)...

...I was flicking through Greg's beautifully inked/sketch book. Done on various stocks of paper, it really was a joy to drool over his artwork.

Paul NOT drinking alcohol as this glass of Coke can prove. Paul is doing it sober for 'Oc-Sober' this month. Basically, you're suppose to sponsor him to lay off the booze for 30 days... yeah, right... nice try.

This may be the only photo of Jen reading a 'Superhero' comic.

Click on this great panorama provided to me by Colin Wilson (yes, THE Colin Wilson)... to see a bunch of us fanned around the table.

  • Picking up Crumb's new book GENESIS. (His first graphic novel!)
  • Looking over Greg Gates' inks.
  • Chatting to various people.
  • Paul's joke.
See you all at Armageddon on the weekend of the 17th-8th October in a week-or-so. I'll be sharing a table with the prolific Jason Franks. Come past, say hello, and get a sketch when you buy any of our books.

DIGESTED.02 will (finally) be on sale there too!

See you there.




t.wood said...

Ant has been asking me this for months so now is as good a time as any...

There's only one Wood.

Not plural..

Other than that good read ;)

Paul Bedford said...

LOVE the panoramic shot mate! Sorta like a 'Cheers' shot that should be pencilled as a capture-in-time.

See ya saturday! Woohoo!
Digested 2! Woohoo!
Still sober. No 'Woohoo'. ;^)

Bobby.N said...

Well Trev, if you haven't said anything to me in 3 years!!!, I'm going to keep spelling it the wrong way aren't I?... ha! - :)

But thanks for the correction. I'll try and remember from now on... Trev Wood (no 's')

The panoramic shot is courtesy of Colin. Great stuff eh? If he keeps sending them, I'll keep posting them on the blog.

Thanks for the excitement regarding the next DIGESTED issue mate. I hope you all like it when you hold it in your hands. I had a blast putting it together.


M.Emery said...

reading this from chilly NZ, gutted to have missed another meetup but was flying out that arvo...see you at armageddon, i have a special request in mind for a sketch...