27 September 2009

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Exciting news! The second issue of the DIGESTED series is complete. The book is assembled and about to go out to the printers. It will be available at the upcoming Armageddon Expo here in Melbourne, so drop by, get a sketch, and buy it!

It will then be available online (as well as through stores, and other places... more news to follow)... but rest assured, its very exciting, trust me. People will be able to get it at a lot more places than just my website from now on. And I've already started on the next issue.

Watch this space.

Size: 6.625"x7"
Cover: Colour
Inside: B&W pages
Pages: 64. (square bound).




Douglas Holgate said...

Congrats! Look forward to picking it up at Armageddon.

Jason Franks said...

Awesome news.

2.0 easily the most hotly anticipated indie book out of Melbourne this year.

Can't wait!

-- JF

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats mate - simply can't wait to read it.

Bobby.N said...

Thanks everyone. Can't wait to share it with you all.


Anonymous said...

Can your printer print faster? Must we truly wait until Armageddon? It's so close and yet so far. Congratulation, Bobby.

-- Jen

Bobby.N said...

Don't jinx it Jen! Lets hope the printing goes smoothly, or I'll be there at the table going, "well... heh, y'know, it's a funny story... heh..."



Paul Bedford said...

I told fluer about this imminent release and she's rapt and can't wait to read. Sadly I had to kill her cause she lost my mobile phone.