27 September 2009

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Exciting news! The second issue of the DIGESTED series is complete. The book is assembled and about to go out to the printers. It will be available at the upcoming Armageddon Expo here in Melbourne, so drop by, get a sketch, and buy it!

It will then be available online (as well as through stores, and other places... more news to follow)... but rest assured, its very exciting, trust me. People will be able to get it at a lot more places than just my website from now on. And I've already started on the next issue.

Watch this space.

Size: 6.625"x7"
Cover: Colour
Inside: B&W pages
Pages: 64. (square bound).


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For those who aren't locals... Saturday-26th-September was the AFL Grand Final for football in Australia. (The equivalent to NFL or NBA to people in America). It was a windy, rainy & COLD day. The upside was the roads were relatively clear of traffic as the 'Paper Lifeboat' exhibition was at 2pm (just on the start of the football grand final) and so it was a good run on the roads. Virtually everyone was either at the MCG stadium or glued to a television set indoors somewhere watching the event. Anyway... after stopping by a shopping centre with my woman for some errands, we made our way down in quick time to walk into the exhibition just as Bernard Caleo was in the middle of his theatrics playing the parts of Charles Darwin & Germain Greer...

I know its hard, but try to guess which was which.

Following Bernards performance of how comics changed the lives of these people... it was time to take a closer look at the fine artwork hanging on the walls and talk to some of the folks.

Jo Waite

Pat Grant

Bernard Caleo

M.P. Fikaris

Mandy Ord
(My personal pick of the exhibition. Great story and, as usual, beautiful artwork). I should have taken a closer photo.

My contribution...

..and a detail of the artwork.

The crowd was nice in size. It was obvious that comics were more important than beer and football to these people today. Godbless'em.

We all sat down and doodled a few drawings relating to the event. A lot of fun chatting and scribbling. Zora & I left early, and I forgot to take a detailed photo of the drawing that people were doing on the large green 'Wattle' horse (oh you noticed it in the photos?). Sorry Jen.

See you comic nuts at the next weeks monthly meetup:
WHERE: Prince Alfred Hotel on Grattan St, Carlton (across the road from Melbourne Uni.)
DATE: Saturday 3rd October '09
TIME: 2-6pm


07 September 2009

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I had my Godson's birthday party the Melbourne Zoo in the morning (Happy B-Day Athan!), which wound up just in time to make me fashionably late to Melbourne's Monthly Comicbook Meetup at 2.30pm. I was greeted at our usual corner table by the regulars..

In the corner of the bar, there was Trev Woods filming Jason Franks for a group of online interviews that should be online at Oz Comics soon. Keep an eye out.

Here's Jason Franks being interviewed

I was interviewed also, but don't let my ugly mug put you off... the other interviews should be good. Some interesting questions and insights of local comicbook authors were asked and answered. Great stuff Trev!

I was only away from the main area for 15-20 minutes, and upon my return the place was packed! I understood what Trev meant when he said, "I got here first and had the best seat at the window and now someone's taken it!"

But who cares!?... this month's meet was packed full of like-minded comic nuts. I'll gladly trade my seat for that.

Yes, you're not seeing things... even the Bernard Caleo attended!

Lots of discussion on comics were had, as well as people's new projects shown...

Bernard looking gobsmacked over some amazing work by Renan Le Bolloc' h. Really great stuff!

  • The chats with various people
  • Bernard's preview copy of the upcoming 'best of' TANGO' anthology.
  • Trev's filming/interviews... & his funny convention story.
  • The amazing artwork many people brought along. Some wonderful stuff.
Geez, what a fantastic meetup we had this month. For no special reason, the turn out was huge. Next month's meet will be a week-or-so before the Armageddon expo. Make sure you get along.. as I'll be releasing the next issue of DIGESTED. It'll be 60 pages packed full of Bobby.N goodness. I'll be sharing a table with Jason Franks & J. Marc. Schmidt. Along with our own books, we'll be selling books by Trev Woods & Tom Bonin also. Come by and say hello and even a sketch in any book you buy!