02 August 2009

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A nice cold & drizzly day greeted this month's local Melbourne comicbook meetup. I got there about 2.30pm and was greeted by the regulars...

Colin Wilson had just come back from the San Diego Comicon where he & Tom Taylor had spent a week signing behind tables for their new DC comic Star Wars Invasion. This was one of the rediculously massive bags at the convention for patrons to put their 'stuff' in. Geez, and I thought we were a consumer culture here in oz?

Ant playing charades with Henry...

  • The meetup itself. It really was that good.
  • Brendan Halyday's little comic
  • Colin Wilson's stories from the San Diego ComicCon
  • Greg Gates' & Colins' books that they brought along. The Moebius comics were just amazing.
  • Greg Gates' sample inked pages done on the back of magazine pages.
  • Talking Bukowski with James Andre.
It was a nice big turnout this month. Lots of people, hot wedges, and drinks. For the absentees... you sure missed out.


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