04 August 2009

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Here's the first page of my submission to Bernard Caleo's upcoming TANGO-9 anthology. I hope Bernard doesn't mind me showing a preview (consider this post free publicity Bernard!)... come to think of it... geez, I hope i get into TANGO-9!.. otherwise won't I look stupid?

So as not to spoil the final story (and the wonderful 'printed' experience you'll get when you read it on paper), this is all you're getting of this. Remember paper everyone?... well.. I personally think comics are best experienced that way. No offense to the handful of excellent web-comics out there, but I think online comics resemble something akin to 'advertisements'. They're far too disposable when viewed on screen (in my opinion). To me, comics attain their 'fetish' aspect (as Wolfgang puts it) when you can hold them in your hand and 'touch' them. Read them alone & 'covet' them.

Anyway... the above image is part of a 4-page story. I only have 2 pages left to ink and then I'll send it off to Mr Caleo. I really had a ball doing this, and even if this piece doesn't make it into TANGO-09... I'll probably release it in a mini book of my own.



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