08 July 2009

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Just so you all know... to now get to my site, redirect your browsers and emails to my new domain.


I've decided to ditch the 'bluetoaster' moniker because, while I liked the quirky name, I think its better to associate my work with my name rather than an obscure moniker that i continually have to explain to people. It's just been a drag over the last few years as people have gotten to know me and my work, and bluetoaster has just become counter-productive. I'll be re-jigging the site over the coming weeks to be in line with the 'bobbyn' idea, so stay tuned for a slightly new look.

Anyway, for now... my previous emails are the same but you need to replace the word 'bluetoaster' for 'bobbyn'.

So bobbyn@bluetoaster.com is now bobbyn@bobbyn.com

Got it? Good.




J Marc Schmidt said...

Hey Bobby, I'm enjoying your blog.

I've taken a leaf out of your book, and started a production diary for Jason's and my forthcoming book, the Sixsmiths. Don't know how often I can post, but the first one is up:


J Marc

Bobby.N said...

Thanks J.

I figure a comic blog should be the online version of what people enjoy in the back of self-published comics. That behind the scenes stuff.

Anyhow... that's a nice looking blog you have there BTW Mr Schmidt. Keep it up. I'll be nosing in to see how things are going fur-shur.


Anonymous said...

"I've decided to ditch the 'bluetoaster' moniker"

Good move mate. I never understood it anyway, and I usually understand EVERYTHING! ;^)