05 July 2009

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A cold wintery-day... but this month's meet was great. I arrived at about 2.25pm, and was greeted by Greg, Colin & Jason sitting around chatting...

"You're late!" Greg teased - as I'm usually one of the first 'seat-warmers' there. Jason was on anti-biotics nursing a bad cold, but impressively made it down to the meet... or perhaps he just wanted to spread the pig-flu around... dunno. Anyway, soon Paul Bedford mosied on in lookin all 'chirpy'...

How Paul manages to sell books with THIS attitude I'll never know.

Greg was lucky enough to have a pre-release copy on show of Bruce Mutard's upcoming book THE SILENCE. Wonderful stuff. Definitely on my 'to buy' list.

Colin also brought in a signed & sketched copy of a massive hard-cover book of his (for one of Greg's friends). All black & white and simply beautiful. Can't for the life of me remember the title.

John Retallick was like a finch... too fast for my camera to capture. Stand still man!

The the old faces like John, Jen & Avi graced us with their presence. John 'hoofed' into some delicious looking hot soup and bread, while others drank beer while dipping hot pototoe wedges in sour cream. Ooh yeah.

The afternoon was a great light-hearted romp in the warm confines of the Prince Alfred Hotel as the overcast cold blew outside. Funny enough, we discussed 'movies' more than 'comics' this time. We reminisced and laughed out loud about the fantastic old 'dont-make-em-like-they-used-to' Warner Bros cartoons like Daffy Duck in ROBIN HOOD, and Buggs in THE BARBER OF SAVILLE, and WILE-E COYOTE, etc, etc.... it was great.

For those of you that missed out... suffa.
You missed a good one.

See you all next month.


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Hackpacker said...

Have just finished a review copy of The Silence and can recommend. It's a weighty tome in a light format looking at the value of art.