11 June 2009

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I was looking forward to the coming long weekend. Feels like we haven't had a meetup in ages. Must be the cold weather. Anyhow... noon arrived, and i left my girlfriend Zora to her escapades at Highpoint Shopping centre, while I made off to this month's meetup. First, was a short pitstop at my favourite artshop ('WestArt' on 46 Buckley St, Footscray), where I picked up a few things. Then it was onto Cartlton & the meet.

I get there early at around 1.30, and was the only one there for a while until Mr Greg Gates turned up. Her ordered a beer, and people slowly dripped in like a tap. It wasn't too long before the place was jumping with comicbook enthusiasts.

The regulars were all there...

Chatting away about comics, movies, and everything else.

An absent regular, Dave Cunning, showed up. It was good to see him again, but it may be a while before we see him at another meetup, as he's moving to Bendigo for good. A damn shame, as Dave's one of the very few local creators that I feel simpatico with when it comes to his views and approaches to producing comics. Lets hope we still see him contributing to comics in the future.

It was a great gathering this month. Many, many new faces who looked to have enjoyed themselves. Now it's the long wait until the next one.

Keep those fists scribbling.




Jason Franks said...

You always manage to get me with a beer in my fist!

Bobby.N said...

Ha... well, it is a pub I suppose.


PS: Tried returning your call today Jase, but couldn't get through?

Jason Franks said...

Having missed a meetup I see that my awareness of your camera-toting ways has diminished...

In that first photo, left to right: Adam Briggs, (me back to camera, like it should be), Richard Butler, Luke Pickett. I don't know who Beddo is talking to. If I'm not mistaken, the couple in the FG are 'Voltarens' from PF.

My phone is working now, dunno what happened yesterday...

-- JF

Bobby.N said...

How the heck do you remember the newbies' names? Im asking you from now on.


Jason Franks said...

I've seen those guys a few times! Luke and Rich have drawn stories for me and I invited Adam to the meet. If I don't know them from somewhere I can't remember names, either!