26 April 2009

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Yesterday was the final night of the Comic Book Funnies events that have been on during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where David Blumenstein has been presenting the humorous side of the comicbook medium on stage.

Though it was a gloomy and rainy evening... inside, the place was packed...

...and there were familiar faces about holding beer.

The esteemed Bernard Caleo launched the 'Sexiest Men in Comics' calendar that evening.

The two men of the evening. (Man, look at that chiseled profile!)

I have to admit, the launch of the 'Sexiest Men' calendar was nice BUT, John Retallick stole the show (for me) when he brought along copies of the mythical unpublished BIG NUMBERS 3 in a high-res large printed format. Beautiful. (Thanks John).

I have the first 2 issues of this beautiful work, and it was an absolute BUZZ when Mr Retallick Dropped this gem in front of us!... seriously, it was like someone showing you the unpublished 'Lord of The Rings 4' novel.

For those unfamiliar with the work, this was going to be Alan Moore's best... before it got killed after the 2nd issue that is. (Read more about it here.)




Anonymous said...

Who did the credits on that photocopy? Wikipedia aside, Bill Sienkiewicz drew almost all of that issue - Columbia was still on assists. Columbia was due to start full time with issue four.

Bobby.N said...

Yeah, it seems that Sienkiewicz drew it too (like the previous 2 issues) so don't know why Al Columbia is credited as artist on the cover... we all commented on that too.