05 April 2009

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This month's meet was great. Beautiful sunny Autumn day, and a whole bunch of Melbourne comicbook authors and enthusiasts. For those that didn't show up... you should have.

All in all... about 15-25 people showed up. A nice big turout.

Tried taking a candid shot over Jason Frank's head... but Jen saw me... get it, 'saw' me... er, forget it. Anyway, didn't get a chance to chat to Jen or Trev, as they split soon after I got there... hope it wasn't something I said -;)

Paul was in his usual upbeat enthusiastic mood, and Brendan gave us a contact for a short-run local printer... sweet.

The whole group was a noisy buzz of conversation about comics. Some brought their stuff along to show, while the rest just drank and waxed.

  • Chatted with Bruce Mutard about my work and a delema I was having between chosing one direction vs another. It was a nice discussion, because the transition of Bruce's work from his earlier STREET SMELL days to his current SACRIFICE work is very very obvious, and I was at a crossroads in deciding what direction in drawing 'style' to take with a story I'm working on now. Bruce gave some nice words of wisdom on the subject.
  • Bendan's new short run printer contact.
  • Roundtable chat with a bunch of us about the new Watchmen film and Alan Moore's writing. Just between you and me... Paul Bedford and Henry Pop came out of the closet and confessed to not thinking very much of Alan Moore's work. Just between us, eh?
  • Daniel Reed showed me the next big project he's working on. Some great big ambitious stuff. As you'd expect from Mr Reed, its very detailed and imaginative.
  • Chats with all the rest of the gang.
It was another wonderful meetup. People gave their updates and opinions of last weekend's 'Supanova' exhibition (that I missed), and the overall consensus wass that it was a major improvement on last year's event. Most of last year's problems seemed to have been fixed, and the majority of people said they did fairly well over the weekend.

Here's an interesting example... Paul Bedford said that he sold MORE of Sunday than on Saturday?!... while others typically sold better on Saturday (Trev & Jen for example), though Paul said it may have had something to do with his 'selling' methods. On Saturday he consciously stood up and did the 'hard-sell' to people gesturing them to come over, and being very 'chatty'... while on Sunday he sat behind his table quietly working on his writing while he let people come over and discover THE LIST-II on their own, and he actually did better with that method. I actually prefer this method myself. I think you can 'potentially' scare some people off your books (particularly the majority of introverts) by badgering them when they walk past your table... so i look for eye contact and relay a polite 'hello' and gauge it from there. The Butcher method of "GETCHYA COMICS, HEY, GETCHYA COMICS HERE!" doesn't work for me. Besides, the character of my work (and what I'm writing and drawing about) negates that kind of 'pop' (carsales?) method. But, each to their own.


Seee you all next time, and keep those fists scribbling.



Jason Franks said...

You are like Peter Parker with that camera, man.... but I'm on to you. I have my back to you in every shot--ha!

That's Adam Briggs in the Punisher t-shirt. Adam was involved in the scene in the Ozcomics days, I believe.

-- JF

Douglas... said...

Do we get the details on the short run printer? Very keen.

Bobby.N said...

Im guessing Brendan wont mind me spreading the word (or if he does i'll remove the details right away), but the printer is:

NMIT: Printroom
(Preston Campus)
Phone: (03) 9269 1289
email: printroom@nmit.vic.edu.au

They only do stampled (mini) style books of lower page counts. They charge per book/unit... so it doesn't matter if you print 1 or 200 minis... each book will cost the same.

If you want something thicker or with a spine, Im told it works out cheaper going with your regular printer.


Douglas... said...

Excellent. Always good to have a range of printers on hand. Thanks for the info!

caanantheartboy said...

Ah, I miss the meets. Toronto has one, but it's on a tuesday night in the back room of a dingy pub. Not out in the sunshine like that. :o(

Not that I'll be back any time soon, but I do love checking up on what's going on, so thanks, Bobby! :o)

Bobby.N said...

My pleasure Caanan... drop in anytime.


Anonymous said...

Look, I'm not saying the tone of the meet went downhill when you arrived, Bobby, but... actually, no, that's EXACTLY what I'm saying. To be fair though, the tone was already on the slide after the arrival of that Paul Bedford character... :)