13 April 2009

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Late last week, I got an email from a comicbook acquaintance to do a commission for a magazine. My concept and pencil had gone smoothly, and I was just about to start colouring it today to hand in tomorrow, when he emailed me saying that the story was found to be a hoax and that they were pulling the article. Ah well... not his fault, but I thought the illustration shouldn't go to complete waste, so I'm posting its short lifespan here. Enjoy.

First I do a very quick pencil of the idea I have in mind after I've interpreted the brief from the client. Then I wait for his ok on the concept.

After the client gives it the 'thumbs-up', I tight-pencil in the final layout (at the correct-proportioned magazine ad. size).

Then I ink it ready for colouring.

I might colour this illustration sometime for the fun of it, as I was happy with the way the composition came out, but ultimately, thats as far as it went for this fun little piece.


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Paul said...

h well, at least we got to enjoy an accidentally great work. What a cool piece it is man.

Whether I comment or not I'm always stalking your blog. Look out - I'm behind you!

Paul Bedford.