08 March 2009

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Today had a real overcast 'Spring' feel to it, and I was looking forward to catching up with the local comicers this month. I got there just after 2pm and found the elder statesmen Greg Gates and Colin Wilson sitting there chatting outside in the cool air. It began with a "Hello gentlemen" from me, as others started to drip in to the meet.

Soon Jason, Trev, Bruce, (and newcomer) Ivan dropped in. Bruce brought a long a complete pre-press dummy of his next epic tome (The Silence) that will be published by Allen & Unwin later this year. It looks absolutely beautiful. If you haven't already seen Bruce's work, then buy his most recent novel The Sacrifice and you'll be able to see just how good this chap is.

There was a decent sized turnout this month of about 10-12 people. Brendan brought along a selection of recent GN's that we flicked through, and I sat sketching ideas for a picture for Trev & Jen's next issue of Sawbones which I'd promised them, but forgotten to do (...bad Bobby, bad).

  • Chatting with Greg & Colin about the older Golden/Silver age inkers that have gotten worse through time.
  • Talk with Jason & Jen about writing in comics.
  • Flicking through Craig Thompson's 'Carnet De Voyage' and remembering how good it is.
  • The red softdrink that Trev bought a jug of... mmm refreshing.
Late this month will be SUPANOVA here in Melbourne:
Dates: March 27-29, 2009
Venue: Melbourne Showgrounds
Event website: http://supanova.com.au

Drop in for all the comic and pop-culture fun!



Jason Franks said...

Actually, THE SILENCE is not the next volume in Bruce's trilogy--it's the book that Image were going to publish a few years ago but which they dropped because of low order numbers.

Bruce has reformatted and rejigged it for A&W while he works on the next volume of his Robert Wells trilogy, which I believe is called THE FIGHT.

Had terrific fun at the meet, I wish they were more frequent...

-- JF

M.Emery said...

Who were the inkers you guys were talking about?

Bobby.N said...

JASON: Whoah... better correct that then.

M.EMERY: We were talking about artists like Bernie Wrightson and other good inkers who've slipped a little - (names escape me now)... though we do realise Bernie had serious afflictions with his hand/s.

(We're just gossipers)


Ivan D said...

Thanks for the wrap up of the gathering, Bobby. Don't forget to check out Mission Hill if you get the chance.

See you next time!