20 March 2009

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Ok, just finished inking the last 2 panels of pg-15...

Just need to clean up and add my grey tone behind the artwork, and after that I attack (ink) the penciled pg-16 that's shown in the previous post... but now, it's 6pm on a Friday night, and I'm off to play some hoops with the guys at Williamstown.

Ok, so the next morning I finished page-15 off by cleaning it up, adding a grey tone, and lettering it.

Whenever I get to the final stages where I use the computer for minor polishes and edits, Im always mindful not to let it look like a machine has necessarily touched the artwork. I think the strength of the best comics are those that look like a 'hand' has actually made it.

Make your comic/book look the best it can. Care about the printing and presentation by all means, please... but don't forget that one of the best things about minis & zines is the fact that you can tell a person did it. It seems precious, worthwhile, and honest. Thats what people respond to. Computers take away that sincerity incrementally. Your work will start to look plastic. Your final printed pages will look manufactured instead of created.

Don't let the computer 'draw' your comics.


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