26 March 2009

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I have a story I'm working on in the background whenever I get a chance. I'm using the inking method of jumping around to different scenes/arcs throughout the story so the final book looks more uniform. (ie. The artwork at the end doesn't look drastically better than the first page.) I used this method producing WITHHELD and was happy with the results.

Here's a page of the secret project (well, not so secret now), that I finished today...

Anyway, I doubt I'll make it to Supanova this weekend, so I'll see the rest of you at the following weekend's monthly meetup.

Prince Alfred Hotel
Grattan St, Carlton



Anonymous said...

Love that figure!
Sorry I missed you last weekend.

Bobby.N said...

Yeah, i wish i could have made it to Supanova. Maybe see you at another get-together Tom.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Bobby. I can't wait for this not-so-secret project to get more and more less secret (you know what I mean). It's intriguing so far and, always, looks fantastic.