22 February 2009

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Yesterday (Sat.21.Feb.2009) I popped into Pat Grant's booklaunch at 'Brunswick Bound' bookshop on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. It was a warm afternoon, and walking up those familiar stairs...

... to the exhibition space on the top floor brought back memories of Mandy Ord's booklaunch where is was a sweltering hot day too! What is it with people booking this bookshop for their exhibitions?... are they only available on hot days? (heh)... well anyway, Pat Grant's work is great. (Check out his website).

The launch was already hoppin' when I arrived...

and it started to get full fairly quickly...

The presentation of Pat's work was failry nicely done. Hand painted material was on the walls, as well as pages of his comicbook work (both framed and 'raw'). The were nibblies & drinks. A nice event.

Pat's new comic 'The Last Share House' was launched & for sale.

A few local comic'ers were also there to support Grant and his work, which is always good to see. Also there was 3CR's (The Comic Spot) John Retallick, Jo Waite, and a few other faces who's name I can't recall. Though sweating, everyone looked to have had a good time.



Anonymous said...

Yo Bobby,

Thanks for the post man. The show was great fun. Glad you could come. Your comics look great too.


Pat Grant

Bobby.N said...

No probs at all Pat. Was a great launch. Congrats on the new book.