05 February 2009

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Lost my job this morning, and though it was a great company to work for, America's greed (the financial crisis) has kicked me in the gut and I'm one of the unemployed now.

Spent the morning updating my resume (found at: www.bluetoaster.com/folio), applied for 1 job, and am now typing this. So... thats it. Have done my bit for the morning and will start hitting up the Agencies for work tomorrow. I think I'll work on DIGESTED.02 for the rest of the afternoon to unwind a little.

On a brighter note, it's my brother's 29th birthday today, so I'll be unwinding tonight with a choice of about 8 pizza's and dvd's at my parent's house for the occasion.

Catch the rest of you guys at the meet on Saturday afternoon:

Prince Alfred Hotel
Grattan St, Carlton



John Retallick said...

Shit Bobby. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get a better one to replace it. You've got the work ethic.

See you Sat. I'll buy you a bev.

M.Emery said...

damn. that is sucky man. im sure you'll get something else in no time.

catch you on sat,


G said...

Hey Bobby, sorry to hear about the job loss, hope you find a new one soon. Good luck and catch up with you more soon.

Bobby.N said...

Thanks for the well-wishes guys. Appreciate it. Hopefully I can find a new gig soon before the economic downturn really hits hard, and jobs are a lot harder to come by.