08 February 2009

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Let me start by mentioning that the day was a stinking furnace of 46.7 degrees Celsius!

Anyway, I started the day by meeting up with Colin Wilson at 11am in Footscray to show him a quaint little art shop (West Art) that i shop at. It's tucked away in the corner on Buckley Street, as has a great selection of inks, nibs & other art stuff. Colin bought a few things, then we went back to my girl Zora's place to relax in air-conditioned comfort to waste some time before the meetup.

1.30pm came along and we drove down to the city toward Carlton for the meet. We got there pretty much on time and found Matt Emery there already. It wasn't long before Paul Beford, Jen, Trev and the rest trickled in. Here's a pic of the numbers this hot, HOT day...

Considering the fan-forced oven weather, I was surprised that we had as many people brave the elements to show up... but hey, it shows how much we all like our comics and gathering up.

John Retallick and Matt Emery actually rode in on their push-bikes?!

The meetup was fun and enjoyable, but all were definitely a litle flat due to the heat. A few stayed longer just so they didn't have to go outside. We were waiting for the promised 'cool' change to arrive. At around 4.30pm Jen looked up some information on her mobile, to discover that it was still 46.7 degrees outside!... but a cool change was promised in an hour. We waitied and sure enough it came as we all decided to leave.

The meet this month was more about just chat & catching up... and it was at least nice to be in an air-conditioned pub than outside.
Til next time.


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