02 February 2009

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I don't know why, but I've been hitting a humble rhythm in my productivity lately. Perhaps it's being in the 'home-stretch' of completing DIGESTED.02 that's given me this momentum because I've been getting about 2 pages done a week (on average) recently.

This weekend, I just finished inking and touching up the short 1-page story from the previous post. It's been scanned, toned and lettered and been checked off as 'done' on my little list of things to do for the DIGESTED.02 issue.

After this, I pulled out the very first story that I started drawing after I finished the first issue, but put on the back burner (for whatever reason), and am now going to finish it for this next upcoming issue of DIGESTED.02.

Initially, I only began sketching ideas, followed by what I was sure was the opening sequence. This was the initial start I made some 6 months ago...

... so based on this previous start, I sat down on the weekend with the old script (and the above page) and re-wrote it out again in revised thumbnail form. Soon it was done, and I began to sketch the panels/scenes out in my sketchbook, and then finally started to ink in the final panels/scenes. (NB: The above inked page won't be wasted.)

Here's a page of the continuing sequences to the story that I started to ink last night:

And a closeup of the eager little girl...

Like I mentioned a few posts ago... I'm having fun inking at the moment... just letting go and enjoying the fluid stokes of the process and trying to be more productive. A constant reference of mine (and inspiration) is Dave Cooper. This guy is simply my favorite comicbook cartoonist.

Anyway... I'll be at our regular monthly comicbook meetup this Saturday, so if you're into comics or draw your own... come by and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
Prince Alfred Hotel
Grattan St, Carlton
Sat-Feb-7th - 2pm
See you all there.

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