12 February 2009

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Have been more productive on finishing the next issue of DIGESTED (though printing it might have to wait until I'm employed again)... so here's that previous page I inked last week (see 3 blogs previous) all toned, lettered & complete.

Since this page, I've done another 3 in all the free time I have now... but I don't want to spoil the surprise for you all by showing them ALL to you now. You'll have to wait for DIGESTED.02 to come out. Right now, it's looking to be a nice chunky book (compared to the first 20-pg issue.). It's around 36-44 pages in length at the moment, so until I find another job, I'll keep working on it, and who knows... it might end up being 50 or 60 pages?! - :)



Anonymous said...

Your style makes me smile. Man your stuff is infectious.

Pat Grant said...

This is gold. The way that bear looks down at the tea then over to the left is so expressive without a change in facial expression. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bobby, its lovely! It always looked good- the drafts you brought to the melbourne creators meet and what you've posted here - but I can't get over how much more wonderful (and COMPLETE) the final looks. Great work. You must be proud.

-- Jen

Bobby.N said...

ANONYMOUS: Glad I could put a smile on yer face... could this be Paul Bedford? - :)

PAT: Thanks.

JEN: Yeah, it's always a 'guess' as to what the final comicbook page will look like compared to the inked page... but I've found that if I don't change the inked page too much on the computer, it just gets the final polish it needs.